Pyramid of the stones

How is balance achieved?

You can achieve balance in your life, by making sure your focus is not solely on one aspect of the mind, body, & soul. As mentioned in my last articles, if your main focus is on your mind, which includes, intellectual & work endeavors, thoughts, or school, you tend to neglect the body & soul. Of course, work & school are important parts of your life, but too much focus on these “mind” things will cause imbalance in your life, and you’ll begin to feel stressed, tired, and “off-kilter.”

If your main focus is your body: keeping fit, the number on the scale, health or illness, food, how you look in those all-important selfies, etc., you will have similar effects of focusing too much on the mind component of self. You will neglect your mind & soul, and not nurture these parts of you. You’ll become stressed, anxious about how you feel or look, your self-esteem will be affected, and you will feel out of balance in life.

Focusing on the soul aspect of yourself too much, will result in neglect of the mind & body. You were created as a complex human being. Your soul needs nurturing, but when your only focus is your soul, your body & and your mind tend to suffer. Your thinking may be skewed, and you may have no concern for physical part of your being. As an example, too much focus on the soul can be seen as someone becoming a religious extremist. You can see this leading to cults, hate, & even terrorism. I think the end results of these things things are self-explanatory.

You can achieve a balanced life. My life experiences have helped me to find balance, and I want to share this information with you. Don’t get me wrong, there are times I struggle with balance, but I strive for balance & not perfection. Balance is about keeping things in perspective.

In my journey for balance, I ensure I do something each day for each of the aspects of self: mind, body, & soul. I try to incorporate things into my life that are beneficial for each aspect of my self. For example, for my mind, I like to read a daily devotion (soul), as well as educational material, & learn new things, at least once each day.

To nurture my body, I try to eat a balanced (there’s that word again) diet of healthy foods, but I allow myself treats as well. I try to drink mostly water, because water is needed for every cellular function in your body. Did you know that how & what you eat can also affect your mood (a later article)? I try to stay physically active, either through Tai Chi, Yoga, walking, or some other physical activity, which also benefit mood (soul/mind) & brain power (mind).

I feed my soul through reading (mind) a daily devotion & scripture from the Holy Bible (there’s an app for that). I enjoy progressive relaxation & meditation, as well as Tai Chi & Yoga (mind & body). I keep connected with friends & family, with meals & activities (mind & body). I maintain my relationship with God through open dialogue throughout my day, in prayer, & especially during my meditation times. Deep breathing, aromatherapy, relaxing music, & relaxation exercises also come in handy (sounds like future articles in the making). I nurture creativity through writing, photography, & art (not an artist!), which is beneficial for mind & soul. My daughter & I have always enjoyed coloring together, before coloring as adults was cool. I count my blessings daily, perform acts of kindness, express gratitude, & treat others how I want to be treated. All these things nurture my soul.

I hope (my favorite word) this article helped to explain what balance is, & helps you as you begin your journey to self-care & finding balance in your life. Please check back weekly for future articles.

Happy Journey!



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