Why do you need Yoga in your life?

Peaceful woman finding body and mind balance

Yoga is an activity that can help you achieve mind, body, soul balance. I just recently began my Yoga practice, and have already reaped benefits. Yoga is not only beneficial for strengthening core & toning the body, but it has helped me to learn to focus more on my breathing (Tai Chi is also wonderful for this). This focus on breathing (more to come in another article) helps to manage thoughts (mind) & through this, I’ve been able to center my thoughts on the positives in life, including my spirituality (soul).

Gaia (formerly Gaiam TV)

According to an article I found, Yoga is beneficial for a number of medical conditions (body), including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis (Watson, 2016).  In another article, other benefits (soul, mind) are noted, “Peace and tranquility achieved through focused training appeals to everyone,”(Dodson, 2014). Yoga is a wonderful practice for you, if you’re looking to find mind, body, soul balance. The practice of Yoga is for anyone at any fitness level (Dodson, 2014). I’ve begun my Yoga practice at the age of 50, & I’ve seen benefits of wheelchair Yoga in the elderly. It’s never too late to find balance  in your life with Yoga., Inc

As I’ve mentioned previously, I live in a small rural town, & I’m unaware of a structured Yoga class in my area. I’ve been able to start my Yoga practice at home with DVDs, as I’ve done with Tai Chi. There are other options out there as well. Just do a quick internet search to find more information & availability.

Happy Journey!





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