Sunset at Beaver Lake

©tracey bratton 2016

Before this past week, I couldn’t remember the last time (or a time at all) that I felt rested, rejuvenated, & ready to go. I just returned from a week-long vacation with my sweetie. We retreated to the mountains of southern Missouri and northern Arkansas for a time of rest & relaxation. We had little to no phone and/or wi-fi service at all times throughout our stay. I planned to write several blog posts while away from my 8-5, and could have done so even without internet. Just copy and paste when I got back to “civilization.” I chose not to.

After a full day without texts, phone calls, emails, social media, and all else technology, I realized how light I was beginning to feel. I even left my phone in the room after that first day, not even worrying about how many steps I was missing out on adding to my health app -nope! I don’t have one of those wrist thingys. After one failed attempt at trying to log on to my Ipad and one failed attempt at logging on to my laptop, I utterly (and completely willingly) gave up my technological encumbrances for the remainder of my vacation. The only thing(s) I kept was my camera and the camera on my phone (photos to come).

Some amazing things happened during this week, and not one of them through use of technology. My husband & I had face-to-face conversations. We chatted over meals. We sat quietly, actually enjoying the quiet & each other’s company. We enjoyed seeing new things in nature -a chipmunk & an albino squirrel, that neither of us had ever witnessed in nature before. We had no TV in the bedroom (yes, I’m guilty of this at home). I read an actual book with paper pages and everything (I didn’t realize how much I missed this). We relaxed. We rested. We rejuvenated.

DSCN3950 (2)

Beaver Lake morning

©tracey bratton 2016


The involuntary loss of technology was a blessing. From this moment forward, I will voluntarily take technology breaks, or mini vacations, to ensure that I’m maintaining balance. I didn’t realize the extent of my technology addiction and the imbalance it caused in my life until last week, all because of things that are supposed to enhance our lives. Just like everything else, technology should come in moderation & in balance with other things in life.

Take the time to look away from your device (TV, games, tablets, laptops,etc) & look around at the life that you’re missing. Become involved in your own life, and I don’t mean the virtual one. Use all of your senses, and your eyes fixated on a two-dimensional world doesn’t count. Look up & experience the world around you before the moment passes. Each moment you miss is a moment of life that you’ve lost.

When you voluntarily schedule breaks (mini vacations) from your virtual world, you will feel empowered, and you will feel more relaxed & rested. Taking daily breaks away from technology will help in achieving a more balanced life. You were blessed with 5 senses, so use them! If you’re lacking one or more of those senses, use the ones that you are blessed with, as those are already heightened anyway!

Take a vacation from your virtual world & visit your real world.

If you’re thinking, “I can’t do that” or “How can I do that?” you’re exactly the person who needs to do that. You don’t have to take an extended vacation to find rest, relaxation, rejuvenation, & balance. All it takes is looking up, and maybe finding use of some of the following tips:

  1. Choose one day a week to turn off your laptop, tablet, & phone -for a full 24 hour day & stick to it.
  2. Choose not to take your phone with you everywhere you go -we didn’t always have this option, and we were okay .
  3. Choose to not turn on your bedroom TV & sleep in a quiet, dark room -the way we were meant to sleep.
  4. Choose to read a real book, not a virtual one -the way they were meant to be read.
  5. Choose to have face-to-face conversations about real stuff.
  6. Choose to go for walks & enjoy nature with all your available senses.
  7. Choose your life, not a virtual one.
  8. Choose to live in the moment each moment.

If you’re able to follow any of these tips, please let me know. I’d like to hear if you feel more relaxed and rested just getting back to the real world (I’m not talking about the original reality show -I wonder if this was the beginning of a virtual society? Maybe research for a future article…hmm).

Do you have any tips for taking a vacation from virtual reality?

2 thoughts on “rest.

  1. I really enjoyed this post! I’ve turned off all notifications from my phone apart from texts so if I want to see what’s going on on facebook/whatsapp/instagram, I have to seek it out intentionally. It means I’m choosing to interact, not getting drawn in when others tap on my door. Thanks for sharing!

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