I want to offer a heartfelt  thanks to all who have chosen to follow my blog in 2016. In getting my new practice open, I’ve neglected my writing, and am feeling quite out of balance because of it. Writing is a form of self-care for me & I’ve truly missed it, and have missed the interactions between writer and reader. I have also postponed my e-course, Renew YOU! for a bit later in January, but I hope you will consider registering when registration becomes available. I’m really excited about another writing opportunity as well. I’m now a contributing author for Millionaire’s Digest. This is an amazing opportunity for me! I’m feeling really blessed about all that is happening in my life right now. I have achieved my five-year goal right on time. It was set in 2012, and I’m opening my private practice with a friend this month. Another goal I set was to start a blog. I can check that off my list, too. My e-course, Renew YOU! will show you how to set and achieve goals like this

In welcoming the new year, I’ve decided to start something new with my blog. I hope (there’s my favorite word again!) to send you daily, short inspirational prompts. Each week will have a theme, and each day will have a sub-theme (I really like themes!). Please let me know what you think about this. Here is my idea:

  • Soulful Sunday
  • Mindful Monday
  • Trending Tuesday
  • Wellness Wednesday
  • Thoughtful Thursday
  • Fitness Friday
  • Self-care Saturday

For the first week of “themes,” you’ll learn about the topic I’ll be addressing each day in the future. For example, if today is Mindful Monday, you’ll learn a little about mindfulness. In future weeks, I’ll add to your knowledge-base, but will have different themes, such as anxiety. Each day will be a sub-theme. As an example, on Mindful Monday you’ll learn how mindfulness affects anxiety, on Trending Tuesday, you’ll read about current trends in anxiety-related issues; and so forth.

Happy Journey through 2017!


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