thoughtful thursday.

As mentioned in previous posts, the mind is an integral part of the whole person. In order to achieve wellness and life balance, the mind requires stimulation, creativity, & activity. This sub-theme will be addressed in future Thursdays by ways the mind is affected and/or can be utilized in managing wellness & achieving balance. Continuing the example of the theme “anxiety,” the focus of Thoughtful Thursday will be ways the mind affects anxious feelings and how to engage the mind in managing anxiety.

The Google definition of “thoughtful” follows:

absorbed in or involving thought.
“brows drawn together in thoughtful consideration”
synonyms: pensive, reflective, contemplative, musing, meditative, introspective, philosophical, ruminative, absorbed, engrossed, rapt, preoccupied, lost in thought, deep in thought, in a brown study, brooding; formal cogitative
“a thoughtful expression”
showing consideration for the needs of other people.
“he was attentive and thoughtful”
synonyms: considerate, caring, attentive, understanding, sympathetic, solicitous, concerned, helpful, obliging, neighborly, unselfish, kind, compassionate, charitable
“how very thoughtful of you!”
showing careful consideration or attention.
“her work is thoughtful and provocative”

Some of my favorite synonyms for “thoughtful” above are “pensive” “reflective” and “meditative.” A word not included in this definition that is related to “thoughtful” is “cognition.” Remember this word as we move forward in our thoughtful journey.

What are your thoughts on “thoughtful”?

Happy Journey!



thoughtful. (n.d.) In Google. Retrieved from:

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