fitness friday.

Fitness Friday is a day that we’ll focus on physical fitness, including nutrition, exercise & other things that affect the body -or physical wellness. The body is one of the three aspects of the whole person that I address here on this blog.

If we keep with the example of the main theme “anxiety,” then on Fitness Friday, I might address how anxiety affects the body, and provide tips for managing anxiety through physical wellness. If you have been diagnosed with a chronic physical condition, you can still achieve physical wellness and balance in life.

Physical wellness includes nutrition, physical activity, and managing symptoms of chronic conditions. Fitness Friday is not going to jump on the “get your skinny on” or “get your beach body” bandwagon, but will encourage overall healthy living.

A quick Google (n.d.) search of fitness revealed the following definition:

the condition of being physically fit and healthy.
“disease and lack of fitness are closely related”
synonyms: good health, strength, robustness, vigor, athleticism, toughness, physical fitness, muscularity; More
the quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task.
“he had a year in which to establish his fitness for the office”
synonyms: suitability, capability, competence, ability, aptitude; More
an organism’s ability to survive and reproduce in a particular environment.
plural noun: fitnesses
“if sharp teeth increase fitness, then genes causing teeth to be sharp will increase in frequency”

When hearing (reading) the word “fitness” what typically pops into mind is the first definition: “the condition of being physically fit and healthy;” but I most appreciate the second definition: “the quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task.” This definition truly upholds the value I place on balancing life roles.

What is your definition of “fitness”?


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