soulful sunday.

On Sundays, my posts here will address how the main theme of the week can affect the soul, and how nurturing this aspect of the self can help you to manage & cope with, say, “anxiety,” if this is the theme or topic of the week.

My Google search for this term revealed the following definition (n.d.):

expressing or appearing to express deep and often sorrowful feeling.
“she gave him a soulful glance”
synonyms:emotional, deep, profound, fervent, heartfelt, sincere, passionate

Soulful Sunday posts will provide information on the effect of (using our perpetual example) “anxiety” on emotional & spiritual well-being. You may also learn how balancing all components of the self, including the soul, can lead to a happier, healthier YOU!

Happy Journey!



soulful. (n.d.) In Google. Retrieved from:

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