mindful monday.

To my surprise, there is quite a bit of literature out there about the effect of mindfulness on hope. I’m not surprised that mindfulness has an impact on hope, just that there’s been so much research on the connection. I hope you’ll take some time to read some of it, because there’s not enough time to incorporate it all into my post this morning, and some of the articles seem to be very interesting. This may be an idea for a future article on mbs870.

The relationship between mindfulness and hope, from my experience, is likely related to the wellness achieved from practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness practice, living in the present moment, helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and helps to improve symptoms of depression. With this in mind, it’s feasible that this can increase your sense of hope. I haven’t done any research studies myself on the subject, so this is purely speculation and my opinion.

Do you remember the basics of mindfulness from a previous post? Let’s review. Find a comfortable position. Focus on your breathing and your heart beating. Don’t change or judge your breathing pattern, just notice it. Notice the way your feet feel on the floor/ground. This helps you to feel grounded/centered. Now focus on your senses. Notice something you can see, hear, smell, taste, and feel. Notice your thoughts and emotions without changing them. Notice all these things without judgment, just that they are there. Now start thinking of all things you’re grateful for in this moment. Observe yourself in the present moment, and don’t think about the past or the future -just the present moment. Notice your breathing pattern and heart beat again, and now take a deep breath in and release it naturally. Do feel calm and hope?

This is just a quick exercise in mindfulness that can be done anywhere you might be, whether waiting in a traffic jam, waiting in the grocery store check-out line, waiting in the doctor’s office, or waiting to pick up the kids at school. When practicing mindfulness on a regular basis, you live in the present moment while building more hope for your future.

Happy Journey!


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