wellness wednesday.

Understanding the mind-body-soul connection helps you to understand the effect that hope can have on overall wellness. Hope helps to motivate you to take care of your self, and by “your self” I’m referring to the whole you with the three components: mind-body-soul.

My belief is that hope lies somewhere within the soul. If you’re a Transformers fan then you’ll understand the reference I’m about to make -the soul is like the “AllSpark” of the self. Without the soul, there would be no mind and no body. The soul, I believe, is where hope lives. If your life is out of balance due to neglect of the soul, that’s when hope begins to dwindle, and now, not only is your soul neglected, your mind and body begin to feel the effects with the onset of stress, worry, anxiety, and possibly depression, all of which affect your mind and body. Once your mind and body are affected, the spark of hope begins to die down even more.

Your life becomes imbalanced and you begin to wonder,  “What happened and where did hope go?” If you look  deep enough, you can still find that little spark of hope and you can begin to nurture it once again. Once you nurture your soul, along with hope, back to life, your life begins to balance again. You’ll begin to care for your body and mind as well, because now you have hope. This journey to balance is wellness, and wellness is possible because of hope.

I would be interested to hear your beliefs and views on hope and wellness.

Happy Journey!


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